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Production management

Flying’s mission is to creat the best led products ad bring our best service to our customers .

In order to fulfill this mission, it is necessary to understand the Customer’s particular needs from the standpoint of performance, reliability, safety, longevity and cost

Flying electronics will employ not only its understanding of LED technology, but also its expertise in Thermal Management, Optics Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Packaging.

We employ Quality Management techniques in the Design, Pre-production and Production phases of bringing a product to market in order to ensure that its products,either custom or standard, perform as its customers expect.

Our Mission as follows:
1. More emphasis on technical management and strict implementation of the process of order .
2. Strict control, strengthen the quality of the manufacturing process inspection
3. Adhere to the balanced production of civilized production .
4. Control the quality of dynamic, quality and statistical analysis .
5. To strengthen the control of substandard products .

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