The invention of the creative designer LED lamp shaped like books

Time: 2013-01-21
Recently, designer Max Gunawan designed aLumio creative LED lamp, the lamp shape as ordinary books, can freely open andclose, very easy to put in some very small space, the space is saved, but alsoeasy to use.

It is understood, the LED lamp " cover" the real wood, with excellent hardness, good protection of the inside ofthe folding lampshade and bulb. And " cover " also embedded withinthe neodymium magnet industry super suction, convenient will surface adsorbedon any magnetic materials. When in use, only needs to be as open as the book,after its built-in LED lights will automatically send out light, the maximumcan almost 360 degrees to light up the area, but also a variety of display.

At the same time, the LED lamp can emit 500lumens, quite a 40W incandescent lamp brightness, the built-in lithium batteryat full power condition, providing support for lighting time of 8 hours.Therefore, the user can move it to any place, no longer under the power lineinterference.


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