LED KOREA 2013 event will be held, industry leaders gathered to exchange the latest manufacturing technology innovation

Time: 2013-01-16

LED KOREA 2013 will be held in January 30,2013 February 1st held in the South Korean capital of Seoul, when theindustry's top LED products, equipment, materials and manufacturing technology,producers and suppliers will attend, to discuss the LED manufacturing fieldrecent roadmap, technology and business opportunities. More than five hundredcompanies to bring their latest products and solutions of exhibitors, hundredsof thousands of viewers from South Korea's top LED manufacturers, conferencespeakers from OSRAM, Philips, Bridgelux, Veeco etc..


The sustained growth of the field ofsolid-state lighting two digit, the global LED market in 2013 is expected toexceed $13000000000. In 2013, the global manufacturing capacity will grow by24%, while South Koreawill account for the global total capacity 15%. As the LED market focus fromthe scale of investment to yield improvement, and new technology as the galliumnitride substrate, the new package type and material, process of LEDmanufacturing technology has entered a innovation and change. LED Korea by topsuppliers as a symbol of the exhibition, covering the latest manufacturingroadmap, development and solutions to issues such as exhibition pays attentionto the above changes.


And held in the same period of SEMICONtogether with Korea 2013, two events have more than 500 exhibitors from 20countries and more than 45000 audience participation. LED Korea and onthe two day of the conference will focus on the new LED manufacturingtechnology, materials innovation, advanced packaging solutions. Wednesday'smarket topics of the conference are: LED industry overview, Chinese SSL marketpreview, the United States LED and solid-state lighting standards. Technicalmeeting with plate R & D, Philips Lumileds yield and bin technology, andthe development of domestic LED, university research and government developmentprojects. Thursday's session focused on Bridgelux, Veeco Instruments, SEMES,Laytec AG, WOOREE ATEC, KOPTI, Synopsis, and Ehwa Womens University LEDmanufacturing technology.


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