LED for indoor lighting system and body are remote control technology release

Time: 2012-09-16

The institute yesterday (13) days dimmable with color temperature LED indoor person because of the lighting system, Android somatosensory remote control technology "and other R & D results will be published in this year's Taipei International Invention Show. The lighting system provides people to achieve energy efficiency goals and to shape a comfortable working environment lighting; somatosensory remote technology so that Android phone can "play games, manipulate remote vehicle, voice-activated appliances", suddenly become somatosensory remote control device, or even make the set-top box manufacturers to find the killer application for lives more convenient and fun.

??Green Energy and Environment Research Institute, said the T-5 lamp light source lamps, dimmable with color temperature LED interior lighting system to replace the existing use, compared with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps use performance not only increased by 40%, also has no mercury environmental characteristics, and even life of up to more than sixty thousand hours and more affordable than the 25,000 hours of fluorescent lamps.

As for Android somatosensory remote control technology can be used with a variety of body touched for playing the wisdom of video games, remote control toy car, even voice-activated appliances, only the software built-in set-top boxes, and then through the Android phone to download and install the somatosensory remote APP after phone will be able to and the TV connected to the line, using the phone's built-in touch and G Sensor function, intelligent combination of so-top boxes and mobile phones, the experience of thousands of Android market game.

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