The collimating lens to achieve LED efficient lighting

Time: 2012-11-26
Xi'an Institute of Optical PrecisionMachinery Research Institute Information Photonics Research Laboratory ofscientific research personnel, recently designed for implementation of LEDhighly collimated illumination lens. Recently, the international photovoltaicindustry authoritative magazine " editor John Wallace laser world "in the LED OPTICS ( LED optical ) column, on which a new design method for thespecial reports.

LED as the fourth generation lightingsource, high light, collimated illumination is the key. John Wallace thinks,researchers used a simple, rapid method, designs two kinds of non imaging LEDcollimating lens, with the existing LED optical design is usually used forcomplex iterative software design method is completely different. Thecollimating lens is very effective, can use LED rays 80% focused into a radiusof 5 meters of column, outgoing from the light source 200 meters of road.


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