The United States can overcome the desert environment, reduce energy consumption and heat of LED lighting

Time: 2012-10-06

The United States of America new lighting upgrade program reduced the desert around the Jukka Valley 's carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the local energy consumption. Among them, in San Bernardino County 's Jukka Valley City as an example, in the development of the city building, community center, city hall, museum and center for the elderly to erect new energy-efficient LED lighting lamps, and can overcome the desert environment, reduce fever, high temperature impact.

At present, the city has more than 1000 bulbs and 400 electronic ballasts replaced by energy-saving lamps and lanterns. In addition, exit lights were replaced by LED lighting, and loaded onto the sensor, so that no one else in the case closed illumination.

The local lighting of subsidies, mainly by the United States Department of energy based on the American reinvestment and Recovery Act grant subsidy expenditure. And not only so, the United States federal government through the California Bureau of energy subsidies to promote the progress of the small city.

The lighting and engineering for city every year can save 67000 kwh of electricity or $5000 in energy costs, and reduce the emission of 23 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

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