Application Status and Prospects of the LED light source

Time: 2012-09-24

LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source, and its important components for the light-emitting diode (LED), is an ability to convert electrical energy into visible light is a solid state semiconductor device. Exist compared to ordinary light source light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades and other shortcomings, the LED light source has a lot of advantages. Many changes can take advantage of the red, green, blue color the principle line into different light color combination, at the same time flexible bit, various forms of the product line, surface, and control is extremely convenient, as long as the adjustment of the current can be freely adjusted light.
LED light source is reliable, its half-life (that is, the light output is reduced to the time value of half the children in the first place) is about 10,000 -10 10,000 hours. Meanwhile, the space to develop great, like computer technology, the development of the LED to follow Moore's Law, every 18 months, and its brightness will be doubling its brightness.
Machine vision LED light source has a long life, adjustable brightness, low temperature, balanced, stable, flicker-free, no shadows, brightness and consistent color temperature, etc., to meet the technical requirements of machine vision users of high-quality, high-precision. However, in the production of the LED light source in the application, but also need to pay attention to a series of questions, which play its performance advantages, namely, how to achieve high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, improve reliability, and reduce costs.
With the development of the industry, the merchant semiconductor lighting through continuous introduction of new technologies, new processes, new structures, new materials, and other measures to high light efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability. But deep level, machine vision Mall should focus on improving energy efficiency and the quality of light and color as the higher demands of LED lighting, white LED spectral distribution similar to the spectrum of sunlight distribution, to fully consider the visual comfort, humane lighting and intelligent dimming control, to reduce energy loss, improve energy efficiency, the semiconductor lighting to real people to provide energy-saving, environmental protection, health, comfortable lighting environment, not rigidly adhere to the status quo, and constantly develop new fields of application . For more information and details of the machine vision products, please the landing

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